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Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire     Hoses

Premier Fire Hose

Premier Extra Fire Hose - Is Extra Strong and Abrasion Resistant, Having an External coat of Reed Synthetic Elastomer, providing protection against Moisture, Mildew, Fungus and contact with oils, needs no drying after use.

Salient Features:

  • Jacket is made of 100% Polyester For extra Strength.
  • Special Quality EPDM Rubber As Internal Lining To Withstand Hear & Polluted Water.
  • Unaffected By Fungus
  • Heat & Abrasion Resistant
  • High Burst Pressure, Yet Quite Flexible Facilitating Operation
  • Light in Weight, Yet Durable


Pyro Protect Fire Hose

Pyro protect Fire hose - Type B Fire hose with smooth inner unified lining of specially formulated Polymer. With high tenacity synthetic fiber circular woven seamless reinforced totally encapsulated in all synthetic specially formulated polymer extruded ribbed cover.

Salient Features- High performance ,Top quality, Easy to Deploy, No need of Drying,  Providing resistance to

  • Heat
  • Kinking
  • Abrasion
  • Oils
  • Chemicals
  • Ultra Violets
  • Ozone
  • De- Lamination

Applications - Petroleum industry, Petrochemicals Complexes, Oil & Gas Exploration & Storing Facilities, Power Generation & Distribution, Fertilizer Plant, State and Municipal Fire Brigades.

Blindex Fire Hose

BLINDEX - The world's NO. 1 Four Layer Fire Fighting Hose - Blindex is produced by first class craftsmen for use by professional fire fighter.

  • Heavy duty fire fighting hose: protected on the outside by bright yellow, highly visible ,RLH rubber
  • Made of four layers : Nitrile rubber :high tenacity textile reinforcement : Nitrile rubber:RLH Rubber
  • Anti-Declamination construction made in a single process that guarantees that the the layers are firmly locked together without the use of adhesives or glues.

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Hydrant     Fitings

Gunmetal Short Branch
Tested to Hydraulic pressure of 21 kg/cm2 confirming to iIS : 903 ISI mark
Fire Hose Couplings
Gunmetal or Light Alloy, confirming to IS : 903 ISI marked Instantaneous Fire hose coupling 63mm diameters.

Gunmetal Hydrant Valve

Instantaneous Gun Metal 63 mm diameter ISI mark Oblique type Hydrant Valve.

Also available Double Hydrant Valve.

Gunmetal Triple Purpose Nozzle

Triple Purpose nozzle gives us Jet ,fog.

Unique replacement of Short branch pipes.

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Special     Purpose    Equipments

Ozzie Oscillating Monitor


  • Available with nozzle, coupling, inline inductor, for foam application and quick attack foam tube for high expansion foam.
  • 40 oscillations per minute to give good water curtains for gas separation like ammonia, LPG etc,
  • Suited Haz-Mat situation ,protecting exposures and attacking fires
  • Elevating angle : +30 degree to +90 degree
  • Reach : 47mtr. Horizontal & 42mtr. Vertical [effective],
  • Unmanned Operation
Turbo Jet Nozzle

Wide Range Turbo Jet Nozzle with pistol grip.
  • Flow setting:- 115 - 360 - 475 - 550 - 750 -950 lpm
  • Swivel Inlet- Straight jet fog pattern & spinning teeth for mist formation.
  • Inline flush arrangement, single man operation.

Foam making Branch Pipe

Aluminium Alloy Foam making branch pipes provides means for producing mechanical foam .Water solution is aspirated & agitated with air, resulting in expansion of foam approximately 8 to 10 times.

Available in two models-

  • Without foam pick up tube
  • Self inducting type with foam Pick-up Tube


Fixed Water Monitor

  • ISI Marked - IS : 8442
  • C.S.Waterways ,heavy duty seamless pipe,hot dip galvanized
  • G.M.Swivel joints with S.S. Ball and brass locking handle
  • Nozzle: Jet/Spray/Hydro foam
  • Horizontal Rotation :360 degree and Vertical +115 degree to -45 degree
  • Discharge Capacity at 7 kg/cm2 - 1750lpm /2580lpm/3500lpm for size 63mm,75mm& 100mm resp.
  • Horizontal range of water reach from 50mtrs. to 64mtrs. at 7 kg/cm2

FRP Mechanical Mobile Foam Unit

Mobile Foam unit with corrosion resistant FRP tank light in weight ,aerodynamically shaped ,yet strong enough for use in rugged conditions.

The unit is developed for rapid deployment of foam extinguishing agent in high risk such as petroleum ,chemical and other similar industries.

Units are available in tank capacities of 100ltr. and 150ltr.equipped with light alloy  variable foam inductor, low /medium expansion foam branch and fire hose to connect the foam inductor and foam branch.

225 LPM @ 7Kg/ Cm2.

Hose Ramp


  • Made of Solid reinforced rubber to withstand loads upto 20000kgs
  • Size : 860mm x 85mm x 300mm
  • Interlocking design to eliminate possibility of damage to the hoses



Double Hose Box to accommodate 2 nos of 15mtr. Hoses and 1 no. Nozzle.

  • Size: 750x600x250mm
  • M.S. Sheet 18 SWG / 16 SWG 
  • S.S. Sheet 18 SWG
  • FRP Materials



  • Hose Reel are manufactured as per IS : 884
  • Made from M.S 18 SWG Sheet & Non Corrosive Working Parts and of Swinging Design to Accommodate 3/4"/1" Hose up to 36 mtrs. length and with Rubber / PVC Branded Hose & GM/SS Shut off Nozzles.

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Fire     Extinguishers

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher

ABC Type Dry chemical fire extinguisher utilize a non toxic mono ammonuim phosphate dry chemical agent, which is highly effective against A, B and C class of fires.

Ideal for Laboratories, mechanical rooms, break rooms, chemical storage areas, offices, university vehicles etc.

Capacity - 0.5kg, 1 kg,2kg,5kg,10kg.

CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher

CO2 [Carbon Dioxide] is liquefied gas which is highly effective fighting  B and C class of fires. These extinguishers are ideal for areas where contamination and or clean up are a concern, such as data processing centers, labs, telecommunications room, food storage and processing areas etc.

Capacity - 2kg, 3kg,4.5kg,6.5kg,9kg,22.5kg

DCP Type Fire Extinguisher

Portable Dry Chemical Powder type with latest Amendments. BC Type Dry chemical fire extinguisher utilize sodium -bi-carbonate powder which is effective against B and C class of fires .

These extinguisher are ideal for oil, petrol, fats, solvents, paints, varnish also on gaseous fires like LPG and Acetylene, Butane etc.

Capacity - 5kg, 10 kg.

Water CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher

Water CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher with latest Amendments which is effective against A Class of fire .These extinguisher are ideal for wood, paper, cloth etc.

Capacity - 9Ltr,50ltr.

Mechanical foam Fire Extinguisher

Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher utilize AFFF concentrate which is effective against A & B Class of Fire. These extinguishers are ideal for wood, paper, cloth, flammable liquid, oil, gas, solvent & paint etc. 

Capacity - 9Ltr, 50 Ltr.

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