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Lock Out & Tag Out




Vinyl Coated HASP - Heavy duty corrosion resistant HASP provide safe and proven protection for energy sources: Electric, Gas, Water, Steam.

More than one worker can lock out the same energy sources for added safety.

Available sizes in 1" & 1.5" Diameter jaw.

Multipurpose Hasp
Multipurpose HASP SAF -T- LOCK - One lock out for variety of  Applications ,Heavy duty HASP tamper proof design to eliminate vandalism. Rugged Stainless Steel / Nylon construction offers great durability & Strength added security and corrosion resistance. Available with 2mtr ,5mtr,10mtr, and 20mtr. cable with loop

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SAF  -  T  -   LOCK

Ball Valve Lockout

BALL VALVE SAF -T -LOCK -  Used to lock the valve in open or closed position, Prevent valve handle being turned. Made of strong Polyurethane plastic, highly resistant to cracking and abrasion. Available with Extended lever also.



Settable Ball Valve Lockout

SETTABLE BALL VALVE SAF-T-LOCK -  Used to lock ball valves at a specific angles, available with single arm or double arm as per requirement. Made of strong Polyurethane plastic, highly resistant to cracking and abrasion with metal stopper rod.



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SAF  -  T  -   LOCK

Universal lock

UNIVERSAL SAF-T-LOCK -  New universal lockout which can be used to lock any type of valve with additional accessories like cable, arms.

This lockout device can be used to lock butterfly valve, ball valve, single / double settable ball valve,gate valve and any other equipment which can be locked using cable ie can be used as a universal lockout.




Gate Valve Lockout

GATE VALVE SAF-T-LOCK- Virtually indestructible Plastic covers - Once locked GVL rotates freely around the hand wheel and prevent wheel from being turned. GVL enclosed valve handle to help prevent accident and their forced operation.

Available in 5 sizes fit for hand wheels of 25mm -355mm


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Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

Universal Circuit Breaker LOCK OUT -  Individual circuit breaker can be locked in OFF position without locking out the entire panel.

should over set screw prevent tampering with the device during lockout procedures

Compact Universal design fits wide range of single, double and triple handle circuit breaker.

Pin IN / Pin OUT MCB Lockout
Pin IN / Pin OUT MCB Lockout
These lockouts are desgined for the new generation of circuit breakers

Cylinder Lockout

Cylinder Lockout -  These lockouts are must for Industries, hospitals, R & D Centers, hotels etc. with FULL/EMPTY label.

Electrical Lockout -  Large size industrial plugs can be locked using this device. 

Electrical Lockout

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PLUG  Lockout

Plug Lock Out : Can be lock the open cord.
Available sizes: Small and Large

Prevent a Plug from being plugged in.

Pad Locks


  • Padlock with long shackle.
  • Padlock with regular shackle.

Set of 3 Padlocks used to lock the HASP with colour coding with padlock labels available with Master Key. Each lock keyed differently and supplied with 3 keys.


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TAGS - All tag have a write - on surface that accept pen, pencil or marker. Semi rigid plastic tag with a 0.38" brass grommet for greater strength and increased durability.

TAG Can be attached with a lock out device.

Pad Lock Eyes

Padlock Eyes - These padlock eyes can help bring you into compliance which require that equipment be modified to accept locks and lock out devices. Surface mounted eyes are made of 3mm hard wrought steel. Tamper resistant inside mounting eyes.

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Lock Out Kit - For Maintenance Department who must lock out a variety of Electrical and Mechanical energy sources for department work.

Kit consist of - 1. Multipurpose HASP  2.HASP 3. Gate valve lock 4. Ball Valve lock 5. TAGS 6. Plug Lock out 7. MCB lock out. 8. PADLOCKS  9.Padlock eyes

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