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UVEX Safety Eyeware


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Gas Detectors


LIBERTY Safety Shoes


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Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous Products


Miscellaneous Products

Sound Level Meter


  • Measurement Range: 3 ranges, 35 to 130 dB, input signal only.
  • Display: 3.1/2 Digit 18mm LCD.
  • Function: dB (A and C frequency weighting),
  • Fast / Slow response
  • AC /DC Operation
  • Max. hold
  • 94 db Calibration in built

Lux Meter


  • Portable type.
  • Range 0-50000 LUX (3 ranges),
  • 13mm LCD display
  • Sampling Time : 0.4 Sec.


The SoberMate will give an indication of a person`s BAC at the time the test is taken.

Category Contents
Sensor Semiconductor
Range 0.0 – 0.4 % BAC
Accuracy +/- 0.01 % BAC (at 0.05 % BAC)
Power 3 x “AAA“ sized 1.5V alkaline batteries
Operating life based on new batteries 150 – 200 usages
Operating temperature 10°C – 40°C
Warm up time < 1 minute
Response time < 10 seconds
Time of result indication 8 seconds
Display 3 digits
Size (mm) 55 (width) x 110 (height) x 18 (depth)
Weight 80g Check! (including batteries)


AL-6000 is a hand held, portable breath alcohol tester to check subject's breath alcohol concentration with reliable accuracy and it is available to test in Passive mode

Category Contents
Indication of B.A.C 1) Active Mode: 0.00 to 4.00 g/l BAC or 0.00 to 2.00 mg/l BrAC or 0.00 to 0.40%BAC by LED display 2) Passive Mode -. “0”, “Low” and “High” 3 steps
Accuracy +/-0.01%BAC at 0.05%BAC
Mouth piece Provided Sentech Korea Corp. only
Power supply Two 1.5V "AA" Alkaline batteries
Weight 115g (Including batteries)
Dimension (mm) 124 (height) X 56 (width) X 41 (thickness)
Remark - Auto power off
- Battery Low indication
- CE, DOT, FDA approval
- Air flow rate checking


Wind Sock alerts responders to potentially dangerous wind changes and helps avoid exposure to wind-blown contaminants.

3 Models: portable, vehicle mounted and stationary.



Lifebuoy manufactured from durable synthetic material in bright orange colour requires no maintenance.

  • Totally moisture proof and non-inflammable.
  • Complies with the latest regulations.
  • H-Glow reflective material identifies victims in distress.

    Life Jacket


    Safety high-visibility orange coloured nylon cover.
    Soft polyethylene foam special construction, quick turning time and high freeboard in water. (if an unconscious person falls into the water with face downwards, the buoyancy of the Life Jacket will automatically turn the body upwards).
    Can also be supplied in children's size.
    MMD Approval No. S-435/006612 dt. 26.10.95

    Sports Jacket

    Extra rugged Life Jacket for all purposes i.e. for Industries as well as Sports.
    Floatability: Retains buoyancy even when punctured or torn.
    Manufactured form strong nylon, in international high-visibility orange colour. Coated with PVC for durability and cleaning ease.
    Buoyancy is provided by a special close-cell polyethylene foam.
    Size: Universal

    Axemate Tool Kit

    AXEMATE ToolKit is the most versatile tool ever made. Not just an axe but SEVEN tools in one AXEMATE is compact, lightweight and ready.

    Each AXEMATE Set Includes:

    • Axe with fiberglass reinforced, thermo-plastic handle
    • Shovel, Matlock
    • Hoe, Fire rake
    • Narrow pick, Broad pick
    • Quality leather axe sheath
    • Canvas carry case
    • Heavy duty cardboard box with handles

    Flame Proof Torches

    Specifically designed for use in hazardous locations i.e. one where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapours or liquids can exist.


    • Ideal for places where safety is necessary and water is a concern.
    • Crush resistant case, Unbreakable lens
    • Switch guard, Spare bulb holder, Ring hanger
    • Anti-roll design.

      in an inflammable atmosphere
      Approval: MSHA, UL Class I ,Group C & D

    KB 2123 LED Searchlight

    High beam LED serach / spot light ideal for security personnel. Light weight and long working hours in single charge


    • 1 Watt CREE LED upto 247 Lumens
    • 2 Brightness modes ( Bright & Eco mode)
    • SOS Distress Signal
    • Emergency (red /blinking red) light
    • Battery level indicator
    • Dual recharge (220V AC charger / 12V DC car plug adaptor)
    • Swivel Stand

    Portable Floor Stand

    PORTABLE FLOOR STANDS - Double sided sign system ,They set up quickly in required areas and indicate specific messages.

    • Portable - Set up with one hand, stores flat.
    • Printing - Both side
    • Material - Strong plastic [Special grade]
    • Size - 623 x 311 mm
    • Bright and Attractive

    Oxygen Resuscitator

    Portable Emergency Oxygen Resuscitator Kit

    Erie Portable emergency oxygen resuscitator are available in light in weight wall mounted case and easy to carry shoulder bag. The cylinders are made from light weight aluminiunm. The kit is available with fixed flow regulator or adjustable flow regulator. 

    Emergency Toxic Gas
    Handling Kit

    Emergency Toxic Gas Handling Kit -  For handling Chlorine tonners/ Cylinders contains essential tools and device to stop chemicals leaks from tonners /cylinders including a complete approved personal protective kit. viz. air line hood respirator, gas mask canister, hand gloves, apron and gas tight goggles.

    Non Sparking Tools

    NON SPARKING TOOLS - Are made of Berilium copper  or Aluminium Bronze .

    Application -

    • LPG Yards
    • Mines
    • Explosive Atmosphere

    Flash Back Arrestor

    Flash Back Arrestor - Stops the flames reaching

    • Regulator or the cylinder in an LPG gas cylinder
    • Tanks or vessels containing flammable material
    • Furnaces using premixed gases or hydrogen atmosphere 

    Hand Operated Siren

    Electric Siren

    Emergency Sirens

    Hand Operated Siren

    Ranges available upto 1.5 km diametrically.

    Electrical / Battery Operated Siren

    Ranges available upto 3 km diametrically. 

    Snake Tong

    Snake Handling Equipment (Snake Tong)

  • Stainless Steel / Aluminium Tong.
  • Length 2 feet to 5 feet, or more.
  • Rod Guided (No wire)
  • Hands Free : Unique Lock Mechanism : One can lock Snake in the tong.
  • Attached torch for better night View (Adjustable Focus)

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