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Miscellaneous Products

Personal Protective Equipments

Head     Protection

Model 2001  
Industrial Safety Helmet

Model 2002
Helmet with welding shield

Model 2003
Helmet with slot fix ear muffs
Model 2004
Helmet with slot fix face shield
Model 2005
Helmet with slot fix, face shield and ear muffs
Model 2001  
Helmet with lamps
1. Unique Slot fix design 
2. 6 point headband
3. Adjustable 53-63cm nape strap
 Authorised Government Approvals  

Central Mining Research Station : No. V/66/2/87/1671
Bureau of Indian Standards : ISI marked as per IS 2925 1984
Director General of Mines Safety : No. SA-10-89
Ministry of Defence : No. 1312/4/2 DTD & P (AIR)/Med Dt.02/09/88
Central Labour Institute : No.SHJL-6 Dt.11/09/89

Rocklite 3001
Rocklight 3001

Tough as a Rock,
Light as a feather
Rocklight 3001

The key design criteria is a unique combination of safety, wearer comfort, and distinctive modern styling features, to ensure stability, performance and high wearer acceptance by users in most arduous head protection environments.

Light weight:
300 grams, ensures highest ever wearer comfort, provides a balanced helmet designed for full shift and prolonged wearing.
Optional ventilation holes, permits cross ventilation minimizing heat build up and improved wearer comfort.
30mm (complies with CE/ANSI) accessory slot for use with other protective equipment viz. Earmuffs, Face shields, etc.
Added protection:
Innovative rain channel deflects rain.
Well balanced light weight Shell with new eight - point synthetic head-harnesses and a deep ergonomic nape strap design.
Head size adjustment:
50-66 cms fits the widest range of head sizes for optimal safety and comfort.
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) shell.
Sweatband, Chin straps, ratchet type head band, slot fix ear muffs and face shields.
Approvals (when obtained): EN 397, CLI, IS:2925, DGMS.
Also note: That we can make special fluorescent Colour Helmets such as orange, Lime grey etc for a minimum order quantity of 500 nos.

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Eyes     Protection

Model BC 76 Model LPS 83 Model LRRG 75
Model UEE 160 Model ULPS 99 Model LPS 8000
Model SE 1140 Model LPS 87 Model UNK 100

BC 76  Leslico Bocal Type Goggle with replaceable lens. Available lens clear, SFII Blue,5 shade,11 shade, for gas cutting/ welding applications.
Approved by : CMRI

LPS 83 Leslico Black Plastic spectacles with optically correct toric  toughned lens with ventilated side shields, for grinding application/ protection from flying objects.
Approved by : VJTI

LRRG 75 Red rubber gas tight goggles with sponge lining.
Approved by : CMRS , DGMS

UEE 160 Unicare Chemical/Impact/Dust Protection Goggle with polycarbonate lens, and soft vinyl frame with rubber headband, can be worn over numbered spectacles.
Approved by : VJTI, CMRI

ULPS 99 Ultra spects with UV resistant polycarbonate lens and carbon frame with transparent side shieilds.
Approved by : CLI for temperature, Refractive index, Impact

LPS 8000 Leslico general purpose Polycarbonate Protective Spectacles can be worn over spectacles
Approved by : VJTI, CMRI

SE 1140 Flip up replaceable lens welding Goggle with indirect ventilation, soft, flexible vinyl frame, can switch from welding to chipping for easy inspection. Used for welding, brazing and cutting.
Approved by: CE EN 175, ANSI Z87.1 SAZ94.3

LPS 87 Flip - Up Type spectacles with bottom glass toughened CLEAR lens and upper frame being flip-up fitted WELDING / FURNACE LENS

UNK 100 Unicare general purpose punk type goggles with adjustable side arms with lace.
Approved by: CLI

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Ear     Protection

Model LEM 141
Ear Muffs

Model LEM 142
Ear Muffs

Foam Ear Plugs MLEP(I)

Reusable Ear Plugs

Model LEM 141 : Leslico New Dielectric Ear Muffs scientifically designed for maximum attenuation and comfort. Incorporates automatic head size adjustment, has no exposed metal parts, weighs only 6 ounces and can be worn with safety helmet and face shield due to its 360 pivot design head band.

Model LEM 142 : Leslico New Dielectric Ear Muffs scientifically designed for maximum attenuation and comfort with cousion padded head band for comfort, has no exposed metal parts. 

MLEP(I) : Leslico new imported foam ear plugs with cord designed to fit the ear of the wearer.

Reusable Ear Plugs: IMPORTED reusable ear plug with unique triple flange design with soft pliable material provides comfortable and effective protection with neck-string plastic case and plastic chain for convenient carrying.
Approved by:CE EN 352-2

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Face      Protection

Model UEE 110

Model UEE 111

Model UEE 162

Model UEE 164
Model UEE 110 : Unicare Plastic Face Shield with acrylic visor with brow guard for protection against chemical splash/flying with ratchet type adjustable head gear. 
Visor size 14.5" x 8" and 14.5" x 6"
Model UEE 111 : Unicare Plastic Face Shield with acrylic visor with brow & chin guard for protection against chemical splash/flying with ratchet type adjustable head gear.
Visor size 14.5" x 8" and 14.5" x 6"
Model UEE 162 : Unicare Welding Helmet made from glass filled nylon with flip up replaceable welding lens with ratchet type adjustable headband.
Model LMS 164 : Unicare Welding Hand-Shield. Manufactured from special non-conductive, spark-guard, rugged, light-weight, flame-retardant, glass-filled nylon, incorporating a concealed handle for protecting workers hand. 

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Chemical Protective Clothing

Aprons and Sleeves

TYVEK/PVC Clothing

Model LPVC 119
TYVEK Disposable Suit

DRAGER Haz-mat Suit
PVC Clothing  acid alkali splash protective PVC clothing is available in different forms such as- Apron, Boiler Suit, Coat, Pant, Hood, Legging, Sleeves and Shoe Covers.

New TYVEK Clothing HDPE reinforcement Yellow Polymer Coating offers very good resistance against chemical splash and abrasion. Clothing is light weight and user friendly and is available in different forms such as- Apron, Boiler Suit, Coat, Pant, Hood, Legging, Sleeves etc.

TYVEK Disposable Boiler Suit 1422 - Used in Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries.

LPVC 119 PVC chemical and respiratory protective suit, consisting of coat with attached transparent hood, pant with provision for external airline supply.

DRAGER Haz-mat Suit   used as a protection against hazardous chemical and gases

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