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Breathing  Apparatus

Drager Saver
  • Drager Saver Breathing Apparatus

Continuous flow compressed air emergency life saving breathing apparatus. Very handy and used for Escape purposes.
With 2litre, 200 bar cylinder in pouch and transparent hood.
Duration: 15 minutes.

Drager PSS 3000
Automatic Positive Pressure Two-Stage Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus with State-of-the-art European Standards with 6ltr, 300 bar steel or 6.8 ltr 300 bar cylinders with 45minute duration. DRAGER CFK CYLINDERS ARE WITH 20 YEARS USAGE LIFE.
Composite carbon fiber back-plate, compact Lung demand valve capable of delivering 1000 LPM of air at very low pressure.
Pressure reducer capable of delivering 1000 LPM air in normal conditions, with Panorama nova full face mask.
Approved to EN137 Type II
Cylinders with PESO Nagpur Approval.
Diving Apparatus
This Complete Apparatus is a universal compressed air diving apparatus for quick application. Functions and operation are designed in such a way that the diver can fully concentrate on his underwater task. The electronic residual pressure warning system with the luminous indicator in the diving mask, and the panoramic field of vision with the distortion-free image scale of nearly 1:1 in water, are just  a few of the advantages of this system.

These was developed in accordance with the European Standard for Diving Apparatus EN 250.

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Gas Mask

Xplore full face masks - Full face mask made of superior quality rubber with double reflex sealing with speech diaphragm, self demisting facility available with adaptor to fit twin cartridge or with sandard screw in caniters.



X - Plore 3300 Half Gas Mask - The new XPLORE 3300 half gas mask set  a new benchmark in fit & comfort in respiratory protection .The innovative X -Guided strap system secures the mask evenly over the face providing an excellent fit while remaining very comfortable. A unique flexible nose seal ensures a proper fit for every type of face.

Approval : CE marked. EN -140, 141 


Drager filter canisters - Filter canister available for various gases with treded conector suitable for drager full face masks.

Approval : CE marked. EN -140, 141 


Spare Filter for Drager X-Plore 3300 half Gas mask /Xplore 5500 full face mask Available in different combination gases

Approved to EN 141

  • Cartridges for Acid / Ammonia/ Organic  vapour /Combination gas
  • P1/P2 Filter Pads to be used directly or with chemical cartridges
  • Cartridges for Toxic Dust for P1 , P2, P3

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Powered Respirators

Drager X-PLORE 7300
Drager X-Plore 7500
Drager X-Plore 9000
Grinder Protective Visor
Light Weight long hood

Welder's protective visor 

These above model setting the standard in safety, comfort and use for powered air purifying and constant flow airline applications. The Drager X-Plore Helmet, Hood and visor are an integral part of innovative system.

Designed to fit a wide range of industrial applications, these head pieces can be combined with all three units, providing for high compatibility in your respiratory program.

  • X-PLORE 7300 - Powered air purifying respirator for protection against particles.
  • X-PLORE 7500 - Powered air purifying respirator for protection against particles.
  • X-PLORE -9000- Belt manifold for constant flow air line
  • Grinder Protective Visor-The ergonomically designed grinding visors a combination of respiratory and eye protection. The specially designed air channel leads the air directly onto a visor preventing unpleasant drafts of air to be felt.
  • Light Weight Long Hood - The light weight overall hood covers the head, face, and neck. It is especially suited for individual who have beard or wear glasses. Optionally long hood is available as class TH3 in white colour. It meets requirements of EN Classification for TH3 in combination with blower units.
  • Welder's Protective Visor- An outstanding visor especially developed for welders, offering flexibility and comfort. It can be used with conventional class 9 to 13 welder's protecting lenses and also with auto - darkening protective lenses. Made to fit your individual welding need.
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Dust Respirators

JL 188 Disposable Dust Mask Pleated Dust Mask

Foldable Disposable Dust mask with nose clip and head band

Disposable Pleated Dust mask with nose clip

Conforms to EN 149 2001 FFP1 & FFP2 Standards with collapse resistance double shell construction made to withstand hot and humid conditions, fringe seal avoids open layer around the edges, latex free synthetic rubber head strap. Counter design ensures shows the compatibility of goggles and reduces fogging, soft cloth cell nose foam and adjustable nose piece ensures custom shape and increase the workers comfort and acceptance.


  • For protection against non-toxic harmful solid and liquid in concentration such as calcium carbonate, china clay, cement.
  • For protection against low-to average toxicity harmful solid.
  • For protection against Smoke.


  • Textile Industries
  • Craft Work
  • Iron and Steel Industries
  • Mining
  • Welding Work, Cutting and Casing of Metal
  • Hospital
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