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SUCCESS COMPACT is a folding rope ladder made from strong aluminium rungs and steel wire rope. It is strong, fire proof, light weight, compact and easy to carry.

SUCCESS COMPACT is very simple to use. Remove the fixing clamp by pressing the ladder sections together. Unfold the rungs. Anchor the ladder to a firm support and the ladder is ready to use.

SUCCESS COMPACT comes with anchorage hooks that can be anchored to any firm support and can be used any where in many applications like fire escape, vessel entry, maintenance & cleaning work, mountaineering etc.

The maximum load capacity of entire ladder is 300 kg / 4 persons and each rung is 150 kg/2 persons.
(Tests done on samples at ARAI Pune. Test Report no.
AML / 2006-09 / RT/ MT / 2441 / 302 dt. 28.9.06)

SUCCESS COMPACT is available in standard sizes of 4mtr, 5mtr, 8mtr, 10mtr, 12mtr and is also available for special sizes as per requirement. The ladders are modular and can be attached to one another to extend the length.

Spacer, wall holder bar, hook bar are available as optional accessories for the ladder for use as fire/emergency escape.

Ladder is also available in
plastic coated / powder coated rungs
for use in glass line reactors / high corrosive areas.

Technical Specifications:-
Rung Width: 330 mm
Rung Interval: 313 mm
Load Capacity: Entire Ladder 300 kg / 4 persons
Each Rung 150 kg / 2 persons


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